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M e l i s s a

walk straight into this mess of mine...

Melissa Lynn
13 February
MiSSEE got somethang to say 'ride thru club in a escalade..I am 25. I am a mother of 3 young children. 1 year old Aminah, 2 year old Kourtney De'Aja (after Courtney L.), and 3 year old Kunta Kintia. I also have an 8 year old stepson Henry Jr. I am recently married. My husband is already suffering the 7 year itch. I have known him fer about 7 years. He is cuckoos & so am i. I was never 'normal'. Diagnosed with Bipolar disorder & mild O.C.D. as a teen. I have recently been told that diagnoses should have prolly been 'borderline personality' disorder. I've been more truthful to doctors becos i was a teenager then and now i have my babies & i'm trying to figure it all out. I lost my mother right after i myself became a mother with my son. I was extremely close with her. This has been hard. My family has kinda taken a different direction since then. My best & greatest friend ever is Greg. He is my queer counterpart. I am a geek. I suscribe to E!'s daily fix, i am anal about my acrylic finger nails, i am drawn to tradegy, i am a physco Courtney Love fan, i used to call myself a 'riot grrrl' (heh), i used to do a zine called, "la femme nikita", i like to read but it's mostly useless trash, i used to be a very creative person (working on that), i am very irresponsible, i went to 'bad school', i don't like it when strangers (even old ppl) try to talk to me or my kids when in public, i anger easily when it comes to you, i am very sensitive, i watch alot of spongebob, the best job i've had was as a home health aide, i stick up fer the underdawg, i onced believed if you did good...only good could come from it. Oh, and my love is like...whoa.